Artisan Consignment at Park Books & Literacy Lab

Park Books & Literacy Lab is happy to support local artisans/specialty sellers! Please read our Consignment Agreement and contact us at with any questions. If you would like to bring a sample of your wares to the store, please check to be sure that Melody will be available by calling 410-449-3100.

Are you a local artisan? Local is key! We really want to create a community partnership by providing locally made or locally wholesaled products. Items we are always happy to receive include, but are not limited to: handmade cards, journals, notepads, literary glassware or candles, bookmarks, stickers, literary themed apparel, etc. We have limited space to hang (bookshelves take up so much room!) but do have space to hang a small collection of prints, paintings, drawings, photos, etc. so as long as they are professionally framed. Please check our space for availability.

All merchandise must look professional. Professional tags and packaging is required; however, we will provide a UPC if your product does not have one. Please make sure there is a place to affix a barcode. All merchandise must be new (some product exceptions–see Melody) and fit the overall décor of the store. If you have not visited, it is highly recommended that you do! Our store sells new books and literary themed merchandise. Special consideration and different terms will be given to products that benefit non-profit organizations, i.e. animal bookmarks and part of the proceeds will be donated to the SPCA.

There is no stocking fee for your product; however, if we are unable to provide a display, you must do so. For example, a jewelry stand, small table for display, basket for literary themed pillows, etc. Please check with us as to where your product will be so we can give you dimensions for the display.